MDIR Announces Addition of
Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List & Shootout
at Midnight Madness for 2018


February 21, 2018

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (February 21, 2018) – Maryland International Raceway ™ (MDIR) proudly announces the addition of the new and exciting Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List and Shootout program to the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness events beginning with the Friday, April 20 season kick-off date.

The new Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List program is a no-time and no time slips, heads-up, pro tree, Top 10 style class ran on the 1000’ with callouts between list racers & shootouts where the shootout winner gets a shot at number 10 on the list.

The program will begin at the April 20 event with the initial shootout eliminations to determine the “first-ever” Ray’s Siding No Clock Street Top 10 List. Once the initial list is established, moving forward, only the winner of the event shootout at subsequent Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness dates will get a chance to race for the number 10 spot. The shootout will be the same as The List races, including pro tree starts with a single elimination bracket. At each event, including the April 20 opener, the Shootout program will include $500 to the winner along with a 4’ tall trophy and a 3’ tall trophy to the runner-up all season courtesy of Ray’s Siding and Maryland International Raceway. A running Top 10 list graphic including driver photos will be created and maintained throughout the season for both racers and fans to enjoy and talk smack about, and an end-of-season Top 10 list will also be established and carried forward to following seasons.

The shootout class run at all nine Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness events will be paired randomly at the front of staging lanes with a deck of cards, including a bye run in case of an odd number, as the cars are pulling out of the lanes onto the pad behind the water box. For each pair, 2 cards will be drawn by an official from the deck. If the 2 cards are red, 2 cars from the right lane will run each other with first car having lane choice. If the 2 cards are black, 2 cars from the left lane will run each other with first car having lane choice. If 1 card is red and the other black, then 1 car from each lane will run each other in their respective lanes.

To be a part of this exciting new program, all shootout competitors must meet all the rules stated (see complete rules link below). Rules designed for the Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List were created to maximize both even competitiveness as well as street car appeal to coincide with the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness program. To compete, all vehicles and/or drivers are required the following: valid driver’s license, valid vehicle registration, and valid license plate. Dealer/Temp plates prohibited, factory VIN plate must be visible in stock dash and vehicle must have operational street equipment including: working headlights, taillights, brake lights and exhaust.

High-level vehicle rules for the list include OEM steel (fiberglass/composite if OEM equipped) body shell required, stock-appearing dash and finished interior mandatory including front seats for driver and passenger, carpet throughout, and door panels. Stock-type front suspension or stock bolt-in type replacement front suspension required, hood exits prohibited. An exhaust system with mufflers is required, except turbo cars (turbo is the muffler), single power adders are permitted. Single power adder examples: single or multiple turbos, single or multiple stages of nitrous. You cannot mix power-adders; for example: single turbo & nitrous, multiple turbos & nitrous are not permitted. For tires, competitors will run on 275 tires with 15” rim or smaller; 315 tires with rims over 15”, 10.5 X 25 slicks permitted (NO “W” slicks). Front wheel drive vehicles are allowed to run drag slicks (no restrictions).

Royce Miller, the IRG COO and acting GM at Maryland International Raceway, stated, “We at MDIR have worked very hard alongside Mike King, James “JB” Broaddus, Corey Gates, Kevin Nimmerrichter and their crew to create an exciting new high-profile program for DMV area street legal racers. This, along with our existing Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Series, will offer both fans and racers an exciting program to be a part of at MDIR. We look forward to seeing this new endeavor develop and believe it will be something area racers are going to want to be a part of.”

For complete Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List rules, purses, date, and information:



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