Final Chance to Qualify for Team MDIR
at the IHRA Summit Team Finals


August 28, 2018

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR




Saturday, September 1st is the final chance to qualify for Team MDIR for the IHRA Summit Team Finals. Saturday’s event is the Wildcard Race that will determine the final three qualifying positions. We will have a racer from Top ET, Mod ET and Junior Dragsters that will have a chance to qualify for the Team Finals.

In order to qualify for the Wildcard spot, drivers must have entered and raced in at least three Speed Unlimited ET Series events. The Wildcard Race will qualify as one event, but a racer must have entered and raced, at a minimum, two events previous to the Wildcard Race. The entry fee for the Wildcard Race is $20 and all of the collected funds will go into the racer’s fund. If the winner of the Wildcard Race qualifies for the IHRA Summit Team Finals event via points, then the qualifying spot will go to the next highest points position driver in the same class. If there is a tie, then the regular tie breaker system will be used to determine the final qualifying spot. The Wildcard Race will be ran between the first and second time trial sessions.

The teams will consist of 17 drivers from Top ET, 13 drivers from Mod ET, and 10 Junior Dragsters. We will have 16 from Top ET, 12 from Mod ET and 9 Junior Dragsters based on points, and the final position for each will be from the winner of each corresponding class during the Wildcard Race. The current drivers from each class based on points are as follows:


1) Bobby Jones
2) Todd Nebel
3) Jason Kirby
4) Bert Lewis
5) Robbie Parlett
6) David Meador
7) Danny Mattera (Tie)
7) Doug Minter (Tie)
9) Charlie Yingling
10) Ricky Nelson
11) Marc Williams (Tie)
11) Ray Snoots (Tie)
13) Jake Milstead
14) Billy Thomas
15) Mike Nelson Jr
16) Mickey Nelson (Tie)
16) Brian Mclaughlin (Tie)

1) Tony Mattera
2) Jake Milstead
3) Don Baugher
4) Mike Gardner
5) Bobby Mattera
6) David Milstead
7) Steve Cross Sr.
8) Darren Payne
9) Bobby Rice
10) Francis Reynolds Jr.
11) Jeff Gardiner
12) Keith Burch (Tie)
12) Brian Mclaughlin (Tie)
12) Ray Perry (Tie)
Junior Dragsters:

1) Hunter Groat
2) Jordan Denny
3) Max Jackson
4) Seth Goddard
5) Jenna Cockrell
6) David Hoffman
7) Ashley Pumphery (Tie)
7) Tori Tayman (Tie)
9) AJ Jenkins
10) Alex Nelson


This event will definitely be an interesting one to keep up with as we determine who will be a part of Team MDIR for the IHRA Summit Team Finals on September 27th – 30th held at Maryland International Raceway. Based on the current points standings, MDIR will have a strong chance at winning the Team Finals once again! Good luck to all racers on the final chance qualifier and Go Team MDIR!!!