Your 2018 Speed Unlimited ET Series Champions


October 12, 2018

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



     The 2018 season has come to a close for the Speed Unlimited ET Series. This year has certainly become one to remember. Maryland International Raceway and Mother Nature have been battling each other all year long in similar fashion to Muhammad Ali Vs Joe Frazier. But in the end MDIR stood tall, giving an opportunity for some of the best sportsman racers to battle and see who would be champion. 2018 has been filled with emotional wins, heartbreak losses, and the occasional rain shower, but in the end three would be called champions.

     On Championship Sunday, a tight battle for the championship in Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster heated up. Hunter Groat is the points leader going into the event, but championship was up for grabs as Groat is eliminated in Round 2 by Camden Long. The door had swung open for the “Two Toe Joe” car of Jordan Denny. Denny advanced through the most important 2nd and 3rd rounds of his young career. With a Round 4 win, he could take the championship points lead against his opponent Camden Long. Denny showed no fear or nerves as he got into the car filled with a confidence that few would have in that precise moment. Denny staged the car and was able to defeat Long and take the points lead. Jordan Denny with the round 4 win is your Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster ET Series Champion!

     The Top ET point standings had finally settled from the shake up the night before. Robbie Parlett came in with the points lead for the third year in a row. Parlett lost first round to event winner Dickie Smith. In a match up that no one predicted, Parlett and championship contender Jason Kirby faced each other in the Re-Entry Round. Parlett beat Kirby and eliminated him from the championship chase while keeping his own hopes alive. Parlett is eliminated from competition in Round 4 as he is beat by Michael Boswell on the tree. He would have to sit on the sidelines and hope to keep his championship points lead. In Round 5, the final contender still in competition, Bobby Jones lined up against Dickie Smith. Bobby Jones had a red-light reaction on the tree giving Robbie Parlett his first ever Championship!

     In Mod ET, the two dominant forces of defending champion Tony Mattera and Jake Milstead were left fighting for the championship. In Round 3, the two came into the waterbox to race each other. As both drivers would leave the tree, one driver would see an untimely red light. Both drivers would know that it was over. Tony Mattera would take the round win and be your back-to-back Champion in Mod ET

     Congratulations to all of the 2018 Champions! Through blood, sweat, and tears, you were able to become Champions! We also want to thank every single racer that came to MDIR and supported the Speed Unlimited ET Series. We hope that 2019 is just as grand, and drier, than 2018! We hope to see you at the Awards Banquet on February 16, 2019 at the Waldorf Jaycees Hall!