Hot Rod Drag Week


August 29, 2019

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (August 29th, 2019) – Over the last 15 years, Hot Rod Drag Week has changed what it means to be a street car in drag racing. The ultimate racecar/street car endurance race will make its way to Maryland International Raceway ™ (MDIR) Thursday, September 12th, 2019. MDIR will be the fourth stop on the 1,000 mile cruise over 5 days as drivers will put their cars through the ultimate test of durability and speed using only what they can pack in or tow with the racecar. There are no tow vehicles allowed.

After racers have completed their runs at Atco Dragway, the third stop on the tour, they will start their trek to MDIR. Thursday morning the gates will open at 7:30am with racing starting at 8 am. Fans, be sure to be here first thing in the morning and don’t miss a moment of the ultimate endurance race for racecars everywhere.