Team Set for IHRA Team Finals


September 5, 2019

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (August 12th, 2019) – Maryland International Raceway ™ (MDIR) for the past three years has been able to field a winning team at the IHRA Team Finals. The Team is set with 17 racers from Top ET, 13 from Mod ET and 10 from the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragsters. One spot from each class was solidified after winning this weekend's Speed Unlimited ET Series Wild Card race. The remaining spots are locked in on points.

The first spot to be locked up was in Mod ET. The young gun Patrick Estevez Jr driving his fathers Speed Unlimited Mustang drove the car like a veteran. Estevez would end up defeated the savvy veteran Steve Cross Sr. in the final. With the Wild Card win, Estevez was able to solidify his spot in the team finals.

The second spot to be finalized was in the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster class. Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster class veteran Tyler Sandy would end up eliminating Junior Dragster Beginner driver Rowan Parlett in the final. The pass was certainly an interesting one as Sandy would use his experience to play the stripe better to take the win. After Sandy’s victory, he takes the second Wild Card spot of the day.

The final Wild Card race of the day would be in Top ET between veterans Bert Lewis and Brian Mclaughlin. Mclaughlin is known for his consistency and drive to win. Bert Lewis has been showing racers week in and week out why he is becoming a threat to win every weekend. In the final, Lewis would end up chopping the tree down with a .013 reaction time while Mclaughlin left on a .082. Lewis would going 6.512 on a 6.51 dial for a .015 package to win the race to secure the final Wild Card Spot.

As the night wore on the remaining field would be set for the MDIR Team for the IHRA Team Finals. In Top ET, there was a 6 way tie for the final two spots. It came down to the third and fourth tie breakers to see who made the team. The drivers for Team MDIR are as follows:

Jason Kirby
Will Hess Sr
Will Kivett
Anthony Whelan
David Meador
Michael Cockrell
Ray Snoots
Jena Martin
Robbie Parlett
Bobby Jones
Mike Nelson Jr
Jerry Langley
Jaycee Largent
Lindy Herman
Ray Perry
Charlie Yingling
Bert Lewis – WC
Chad Burch
Keith Burch
John Mattera
Bobby Mattera
Tony Mattera
Frank Thompson Jr
Louie Estevez
George Windsor
Stephen Cross Jr
David Milstead
Bradley Tippet
Jeff Gardiner
Patrick Estevez Jr – WC
Jordan Denny
Tori Tayman
Hunter Groat
AJ Jenkins
Jessica Tayman
Zach Parlett
Hannah Franck
Kaiden Groves
Seth Goddard
Tyler Sandy – WC

Alex Nelson - Alternate

MDIR has won the IHRA Team Finals three years in a row. When looking at the names on this team, there is a strong chance at winning four in a row. The IHRA Team Finals is a four day event October 10-13th ran with surround IHRA tracks whose racers band together as a team and race to see who has the best sportsman racers. Good luck to all of the racers and GO TEAM MDIR!