Grand Champion Field Set


September 5, 2019

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (August 23rd, 2019) – The Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness series ran at Maryland International Raceway ™ (MDIR) is run on select Friday nights. Classes include the Ray’s Siding No Clock Street List, Hollyrock Customs Diesel Shootout, Mobile Lab Racing Motorcycles, Super Street and Pro Street. The later of these classes have an opportunity to discover who can be the Midnight Madness Grand Champion. To qualify for the Grand Championship the rules are simple, show up and win your class.

The field for the Pro Street class is filed with recognizable names. This year’s eligible racers are Steve Cross Sr, Steve Cross Jr, Johnny Burch, John Quinn, Kevin Williams, Bucky Speake, John Miller Jr, and the winner for the final race of 2018, Eddie Sigmon. Racers have been attempting to tame the 1/4 mile for many years, but these racers will have an opportunity to see if they can take the 2019 crown.

In Super Street, the 2019 eligible racers bring a mixed bag of experience. Some are veterans of the sport, some fresh faces, and even a winner in their first event, not just in Midnight Madness, but ever. This year’s racers for Super Street include: Matthew Mooreman, Jermaine Proctor, Brandon Marlow, Chad Burch, and the winner for the final race of 2018, Frank Thompson Jr. This group of racers will make this class an interesting one to follow.

The 2019 eligible racers for the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion Runoff for the Mobile Lab Racing Motorcycles are as follows: Francis Proctor Jr, Rafaelle Proctor, Jeff Sweeney, Seqouyah Swain, and the winner for the final race of 2018, Deshaye Mahoney. These racers come with plenty of motorcycle experience across all forms of competition. It could be anyone’s race come the final night. Motorcycle racers race for their own separate championship.

The Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion will run on Friday September 27th. Gates will open at 6pm with time trials starting at 6:30pm. Eliminations will start roughly around 9pm. The Pro Street and Super Street classes will run separately until one remain then the final two will run to see who is the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion! Who will be left standing at the end of the night? Good luck to all of our racers and we will see you at the final Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness of 2019!