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Maryland International Raceway Announces
New Revised Co-Rider program

New for 2020, No Additional Charge


February 12, 2018

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



Maryland International Raceway is pleased to announce a new and exciting Street Legal Co-Rider program. This new program allows a co-rider that meets all the Street Legal Program requirements below to ride shotgun in 11.00 and slower vehicles and in roll racing events up to 120mph. Co-riders will only be allowed during street legal events, including Midnight Madness, Test & Tune, Street Warriorz or any other roll racing events and Fun Runs at IREV import events. All co-riders and drivers must be 18 years of age or older, in 2008 or newer cars that meet the Street Legal Program guidelines below. To off-set the additional insurance cost for this program, all co-riders must purchase a co-rider wristband in the tower at a cost of $10. The co-rider must present an ID with proof of age and sign the waiver to purchase a co-rider wristband. That co-rider may then ride in any vehicle that meets the Street Legal Program requirements for that event. The co-rider must meet all the safety requirements listed below, which includes wearing a helmet. This is the only co-rider program in effect at MDIR. No co-riders will be permitted in any vehicles that do not meet these Street Legal Program requirements regardless of ET.

Street Legal Program
This group is limited to any 2008 or newer foreign or domestic, production type automobile or truck with unaltered OEM safety equipment that is street driven with proof, vehicle with valid license plates. OEM tires and wheels are not mandatory, however all tires must be DOT approved models. These vehicles are limited to street car events. Competition in facilities normal weekly et bracket series under these parameters is prohibited.

These vehicles may run provided all of the criteria listed within this section are verified prior to participation.

2008 OEM model year and newer production cars running 12.00 1/4 and 7.50 1/8 do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit ET safety rules except for the following: Convertibles and T-top entries must meet the minimum specifications listed in the ET bracket section for roll bar and roll cage requirement. Vehicles must pass all state highway safety requirements in which the vehicle is registered prior to acceptance.

The vehicles OEM installed anti-lock brakes, airbag functions and seat belts as well as all other OEM safety related systems must be functional as per manufacturers specifications at all times.

Co-Riders 18 years of age or older permitted 12.00 and slower 1/4 mile and 7.50 and slower 1/8 mile and up to 120MPH maximum in Roll Racing events.


If a Competitor wishes to have a Co-Rider then both the Competitor and Co-rider must be 18 years or older. All Co-Riders must utilize helmet and protective clothing requirements as per the minimum specifications outlined in the 2018 rulebook under ET bracket section. All competitors and co-riders are prohibited from wearing shorts, tank tops or bare torsos or legs while competing. Co-riders are required to sign the event release and waiver and be wristbanded by a track official prior to making a run.



2020 - Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness

Welcome to the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Street Car Series. These events are for street legal cars, trucks, and Motorcycles. No race cars allowed.