Door Wars Post Race

August 28, 2020

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



The 12th annual Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars held at Maryland International Raceway ™ (MDIR) was originally to be ran in April, but the event was forced to be rescheduled to a later time and was ran in conjunctions with the ATI Performance Products Sportsman Spectacular presented by Hagerty and Moser Engineering. This year’s event with having both combined into one brought boosted purses for the Sportsman classes and much needed points to continue the chase to the championship. Along side the sportsman racing brought fantastic heads up racing action on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend’s event.

The ATI Performance Products Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (NEOPMA) arrived at the event with many fresh faces in the field after switching to the new 1/8th mile format for the series. For 26 years the series has been running on the full ¼ mile reaching speeds at over 250 miles per hour (MPH). With the 1/8th mile switch, we would see multiple cars reaching over 200 MPH, and almost half the field in the 3.70’s with one, Dean Marinis, reaching the 3.60’s. All but two cars were in the 3 second zone after the final qualifier on Saturday. Sunday’s eliminations brought great side by side racing. The final would bring Dean Marinis and Kurt Steding to the finals. Kurt Steding would take the win in his brand new 2020 Camaro.

The 1320 Fabrication Warriors Outlaws brought the hair-raising moments back to MDIR as they normally do. From wheelstands to track records being reset, this series once again brought it all. James Smith had reset his own ET record by three thousandths of a second in testing. In Qualifying, we saw some great side by side runs and the occasional wheelstand. But once the sun when down on Saturday, we saw the action really heat up in eliminations. Will Fair would reset both the ET and the MPH record taking them from James Smith (ET) and Ralph Hardesty (MPH) while running a 4.23 at over 180 MPH on the 1/8th mile. At the end of the day we would see new record holder Will Fair take the win in the A group and Butch Merson take the win with the B group.

MPC Real Street continue to bring close racing action. At the end of qualifying on Saturday, Justin Bowmaker sat on top of the leaderboard with a 4.995, eight cars behind him ran 5.0’s. Nine cars were running withing a tenth of each other! Sunday’s eliminations would show the tight racing action once again that this series has continues to show. The final would be between back to back MPC Real Street champion Mike Barry and newcomer Freddy Harding. Barry would spin on the line and Freddy Harding would take his first ever career victory!

The Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars would also bring some great grudge and no time action. The No Clock Street (NCS) vs. the DMV would bring streetcar action to Saturday’s portion of the event. Shakedown runs show that these are not your ordinary streetcar, but high horsepower machines. It would be an all NCS final with the nitrous Nova of Chris Wilkinson and the turbo car Mustang of D.D. Mahoney. Mahoney would be able to take the win of Wilkinson. We would also see Scott Marshall take the win in No Clock Small Block.

The Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars and the ATI Performance Products IHRA Sportsman Spectacular presented by Hagerty and Moser Engineering also brought the full Speed Unlimited ET Series. It brought great racing all weekend long. On Saturday’s event, Tarrell Sinkler would win Top ET, Frank Thompson would win Mod ET, and Hannah Franck would win in the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragsters. On Sunday’s event, Donna Nelson would win in Top ET, Mike Upole would win Mod ET and Hunter Groat would take the win for Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster.



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