13th Annual Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars

April 22nd, 2021

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (April 22, 2021) – The 13th annual Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars presented by ATI Performance was an event to be remembered. For some, it will be remembered for great things. For others, it will be remembered for coming so close to winning. Records were reset, names were made, and in the end, only the best stood above the rest.

The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association is one of the main features of the Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars presented by ATI Performance Products. 19 Pro Mods would start the weekend with hopes of standing in the winner’s circle at the end of the event, but only 12 would make it first round eliminations. Some would break during testing and others would break during qualifying. Newcomer Mike Decker Jr, who was racing on big tires for the first time with their Supercharged 2020 Camaro, would show promising speed and quickness from the start of the weekend after unloading for Testing, Steve King would run an impressive 3.621 at 207.85 MPH in testing to reset the ET track record held by Kevin McCurdy. The noteworthy pass would feature an astounding .910 60-foot time, and that the same pass would also end with a hurt motor for the final 100 feet. Decker Jr. would reset the MPH track record in Qualifying going 209.10 MPH. The MPH record was also previously held by Kevin McCurdy. Decker Jr, who would be the #1 Qualifier, and King would face each other in first round. These two competitors would run the quickest side by side pass with Decker Jr. running 3.677 at 208.78 MPH and King running a 3.681 at 207.75 MPH. King would also make this pass on a repaired rear end after breaking a pair of brackets during Friday night testing. The quarter finals and semi finals would also feature stellar racing with Decker Jr continuing to make his presence known and Fred Scriba making awe-inspiring runs with each elimination round including a holeshot win over Chuck Ulsch to go to the finals. The most monumental moment came from the team with a car best known as The Sorcerer. The final match would be between Mike Decker Jr and Fred Scriba. While Decker Jr was the heavy favorite based on his performance over the previous two days, Scriba would do something no driver has done in the 29 year history of the NEOPMA. Scriba would cut a perfect light (.000 Reaction Time) on Decker Jr and earn himself a holeshot win over the Decker team that turned many heads.

The Warriors Outlaw presented by 1320 Fabrication also featured great racing. Field A for the Warriors brought 8 of the quickest racers in qualifying into one field to fight until the end. Two former Warriors champions, Bill Cole and Ralph Hardesty, would be in the final. This match up would have the potential to be the fastest and quickest side by side pass in Warriors history with both drivers turning the cars up to go and reset the ET and MPH records. However, Cole would not be able to make the run and Hardesty would go down the track take the victory. Field B would bring newcomer Jorge Fretts and Tink Liptrap to the final. Liptrap would have a problem on the run and Fretts would take the event win for the B Field.

MPC Real Real Street may have been one of the most competitive classes of the weekend. It all started with Justin Reggio lighting up the scoreboards with an astounding 4.818 at 142.75 MPH in testing. Reggio would also showcase the quickness of the car in qualifying with a 4.851 at 141.46 MPH and having almost a tenth on the number two qualifier, newcomer James Smith, the 2020 Warrior Outlaw Champion driving Justin Bowmaker’s Turbo 1985 Mustang. However, in eliminations, Reggio struggled and would be eliminated in 2nd round. The final would be between Charlie Barnes and one of the original MPC Real Street Racers, Jack Williamson. While Barnes would leave first, it would be Williamson getting to the stripe first to take the win.

While Pro Mod, Warriors Outlaw, and Real Street all showed times on the boards, the Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars presented by ATI Performance Products did bring two classes that had the scoreboards turned off. Small Block Chaos is a new class for the 2021 season ran by series director Kenny Fox. The final would be between two different types of racers. Ricky Fox would be the first to make it to the final and has been a consistent contender in almost all the small block nitrous classes for a number of years. The other would be a surprise to many, Patrick Estevez Jr. Look no further than the 1320 Fabrication ET Series to figure out how fierce of a competitor he is. While Estevez Jr may be a young gun that drives like a veteran, Fox would be a heavy favorite going into the final. Estevez Jr would be a bit better off the tree, but it would be the veteran Fox taking the event win.

The Ray’s Siding No Clock Street vs the DMV presented by Tempest Racing would bring some of the best street cars to MDIR for some great racing. The first surprise was the second round match up of Steve Willingham with the 67 Mustang, and D.D. Mahoney with his 82 Mustang. While many would have guessed these two would face each other in the final, that would not be the case. These two would be door to door all the way to the stripe with Willingham taking the win. The final would match up Willingham against surprise contender Donald Sturgill Jr. In the end, Willingham would be too fast for the competition and would be the best streetcar standing at the end of the night.

Top ET and Mod ET racers from the 1320 Fabrication ET Series would race for big money. Top ET would race for $5k each day on Saturday and Sunday, and Mod ET would race for $2k both days. In Top ET, John Dustin would be Saturday’s winner, and Jeff Groat would be the winner on Sunday. In Mod ET, Jake Milstead would win on Saturday and Stephen Cross Jr would win on Sunday. The points lead would also exchange hands at the end of the weekend with Jason Kirby taking the points lead in both classes after going deep into eliminations in both classes, both days.




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