1320 Fabrication Post Event Summary


May 3rd, 2021

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (May 3rd, 2021) – May 1st & 2nd the 1320 Fabrication ET Series returned to Maryland International Raceway ™ (MDIR) for the first full weekend of racing with all three classes. Saturday’s action would bring great racing weather and fierce competition with 465 total entries to race across all three classes. This race would give the MDIR staff an opportunity to test the new ET Series program that was set in the offseason. The racers set the tone early and would keep a great pace all day and into the night to complete the race at around 1030pm. With the earlier completion, racers would also get a chance at having some fun with the scheduled Pit Bike race that would be won by Allen Jenkins. Sunday’s race would bring a bit warmer weather to MDIR. While the car count dipped slightly, there would still be a 423 entries set to race again. The racers were on their game all day as Rick’s Jewelers Ring for the Queen Diamond Points were being handed out left and right with racers running dead on zero on the dial and perfect reaction times all day. James Getty in Mod ET currently leads all drivers with three Diamond Points.


Congratulations to our winners from Saturday’s race

Top ET Mod ET Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster Hubble Motorsports
Junior Dragster Beginner
Robbie Parlett David Saunders Hunter Groat Isiah Barnes


Congratulations to our winners from Sunday’s race

Top ET Mod ET Hubble Motorsports
Junior Dragster
Hubble Motorsports
Junior Dragster Beginner
Troy Williams Keven Yates Peyton Bunch Jason Greyes


The current Top 10 in the Points Standings are as follows:



1) 1811 John Dustin 311

  1x55 Robbie Parlett 311
3) 1430 Welsey Washington Jr 300
4) 1X78 Jason Kirby 290
5) MX27 Jeff Groat 261
6) 1X6T Billy Thomas 250
  QX20 Ben Calhoun 250
  LX28 Steve Witherow 250
9) 6X20 Marc Williams 240
10) 9X55 Mike Nelson Jr 230
  71Y Tony Tull 230
  KX24 Kelly Fenton Tayler 230
  1073 EJ Parker 230




1) 2MX83 Jake Milstead 301

2) 6X22 Stephen Cross Jr 291
3) 6X02 Jason Kirby 290
4) 7X84 Keven Yates 271
5) 67FB Robert Estevez 270
6) 2X68 Bradley Tippet 230
7) 1X41 Alan Thatcher 220
  SX12 Adriana Estevez 220
  2x76 Ray Perry 220
10) 2X2X Patrick Estevez Jr 201



Junior Dragster

1) D07X Peyton Bunch 221

2) 116X Jordan Denny 170
3) 126X Hunter Groat 161
4) 7X Austin Keys 150
  223X Hunter Groat 150
  787X Hailey Dalton 150
7) L07X Lucas Gordy 140
8 604X Hannah Franck 140
9) 1ZX Zach Parlett 130
  11ZX Zach Parlett 130
  127X Gayge Farrell 130

We hope to see you all back at MDIR for the next 1320 Fabrication ET Series race May 22nd and 23rd. Tull Plumbing is stepping up and adding a bonus to Top ET at this 1320 Fabrication ET Series race. Tull Plumbing is adding $2,000 to the winner and Top ET racers can enter with no additional entry fee. With the Tull Plumbing bonus, this race will be $5k to win on the standard $85 entry! Thank you again to Tull Plumbing! Racers, be sure to thank Tony Tull of Tull Plumbing for adding this bonus to your series!




• Events are open to all spectators, participants, family, and crew, with a maximum of 50% facility capacity.

• All spectators, crew, staff, and participants must wear masks.
• Hand washing/sanitizing must be done on a regular basis.

• The tower will have restricted access and will be limited to essential staff only.

• The crews will be limited on the starting line and front of the staging lanes, with social distancing extremely enforced. Our security staff and starting line staff will closely monitor this area to prevent unauthorized gathering.

• Our restrooms are equipped with hands free fixtures. Restrooms will be cleaned, stocked, and sanitized throughout the day or evening. All Pitside portlets will be moved and taken out of service.

• Concessions will be open, and lines will be marked for proper social distancing. Concession stand will follow all guidelines in place for local food service businesses.