1320 Fabrication Post Event Summary


July 17th, 2021

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (July 17th, 2021) –July 10th and 11th the 1320 Fabrication ET Series returned to MDIR with Jet Wars on Saturday and a standalone ET Series race on Sunday. Thank you again to Tull Plumbing for putting up a $2,000 bonus in the Top ET program for those racers to run for $5,000 to win for Saturday’s Jet Wars race. Saturday’s action would bring great racing weather and fierce competition. The racers set the tone early and would keep a great pace all day and into the night to complete the race at around 1am. Sunday’s race would bring warmer and more humid weather to MDIR. The racers would put in a great pace for Sunday’s event also and would finish the event just after 5pm.

Brian Mclaughlin in Top ET currently leads all drivers with four Rick’s Jewelers Ring for the Queen Diamond Points. Marc Williams (Top ET), Ray Perry (Mod ET), and James Getty (Mod ET) all currently have three points each.


Congratulations to our winners from Saturday’s race

Top ET Mod ET Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster Hubble Motorsports
Junior Dragster Beginner
EJ Parker Pat Estevez Gayge Farrell Sophia Curtis



Congratulations to our winners from Sunday’s race

Top ET Mod ET Hubble Motorsports
Junior Dragster
Hubble Motorsports
Junior Dragster Beginner
Jeffery Jone Jake Milstead Gayge Farrell Michael Groves Jr


The current Top 10 in the Points Standings are as follows:



1) 1X6T Billy Thomas 481


2) 1X55 Robbie Parlett 471
3) 1X78 Jason Kirby 470
  1430 Wesley Washington Jr 470
5) 71Y Tony Tull 430
6) MX27 Jeff Groat 421
7) 1811 John Dustin 411
  1073 EJ Parker 411
9) LX28 Steve Witherow 410
10) 9X55 Mike Nelson Jr 400




1) MX83 Jake Milstead 552

2) 6X22 Stephen Cross Jr 471
3) 7X84 Keven Yates 441
4) 6X02 Jason Kirby 440
5) 2X68 Bradley Tippet 400
  67FB Robert Estevez 400
7) 2X76 Ray Perry 380
8) 2X2X Patrick Estevez Jr 371
9) 1X02 AJ Jenkins 361
10) 2X45 Keith Burch 351



Junior Dragster

1) D07X Peyton Bunch 391

2) 111X Gayge Farrell 362
3) 126X Hunter Groat 651
4) 604X Hannah Franck 330
5) 116X Jordan Denny 310
6) 712X Dylan Witherow 300
  223X Hunter Groat 300
8) 127X Gayge Farrell 290
  825X Jaelynn Ward 290
  L07X Lucas Gordy 290
  T72X Tony Williams 290
  32X Seth Goddard 290

We hope to see you all back at MDIR for the Hubble Motorsports Young Guns Showdown Battle of the Juniors July 31st – August 1st! The full 1320 Fabrication ET Series will also be running both days. For more info click HERE